Romancing sweet nostalgia

The alarm snoozes for the nth time, I look around and try to get hold of it- and check the time. It’s 7.40 am; I wake up and make myself a warm cup of tea.

I sit across my veranda and look at the downpour. There is an unusual calm about this particular morning, there is no school goers running fast to catch the school bus, no mother peeping out the window catching a glimpse of her beloved chirping across the road while catching the bus ,no hustle of usual office goers to catch the train on the other end of the city.

The normalcy seems like has been dismantled, renamed and redefined. The rain god plays no mercy, brings gloom and occasionally involves into a peek-a-boo with the sun. I discover my mood too follows this periodic rhythm — it laughs when an old friend shares her fondest memory with me, it escalates with a sudden outburst of emotion for no specific reason at all.

Trying to reminiscence the days went by, I recall the best part about going to school was not necessarily while attending the scheduled classes- it was the part about meeting friends, laughing to heart’s content, sharing meals over the recess , and figuring out how amazing some people could make you feel by sharing anything under the sun. The simplest of joys.

Rains had a key role to play; we could get an off day at school without the usual morning prayers in the scorching sun, it meant soccer days for the boys a match they long promised each other- and for the girls cheer for the boys they gave their heart away with every goal he kicked. School meant the similar faces you grew up with, the smiles that still lingers — to laugh at you when you fall but to have your back in thick and thin.

Rains also meant some occasional power cut and getting a definite off from your usual study hours from the mother. The joys of which -has been soon replaced by having absolutely no power-cuts as long as I can fathom.

Summer holidays were a thing to always look forward to; it meant a good four week break from the usual mundane routine, taking trains to visit families, watching your favorite movie without any interruption from home-works assigned to be submitted the next day. It was a feeling, a fragrance that felt and smelt sweet. Soon, it faded with the usual missing and classmate sisterhood- it would take a backseat with dialing them over the landline, hoping in hope they would pick it up- so you could hear their voice again. The landline calls brought back grins to those faces sharing things for hours — years later it has been replaced with personal phones, watsaap texts of sharing what we are reading, eating or cooking.

But, the essence still remains the same. The smell of earth — after heavy downpour. Soaking every emotion and embracing it with the same innocence that was shared years back.


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Sunanda De

Sunanda De


Economist, here’s to share my views on myriad mundane things and life in general.